Quintessence or Quintessential means the essence of a thing in it's purest form.

At QuintEssence Body Sugaring and Essential Oils the sugar products I use, and the essential oils are just that: quintessential. Here you can have all your unwanted hair removed with a PURE, all-natural sugar paste using a hand technique that leaves your skin smooth and luxurious feeling with less irritation and ingrown hairs. Body Sugaring is perfect for those with sensitive skin especially. The sugar paste is simply sugar, water and lemon, is not hot (so no chance of burning you), and washes off with water, no harsh chemicals.

While you are here, take a moment to learn about C.P.T.G (certified PURE, therapeutic grade) essential oils and how they can help support and improve your health, lessening your need for medications and promoting an overall sense of well-being. I look forward to seeing you!

Corina Brearley - Chief executive owner and sugarist


749 Oribi Drive, Campbell River B.C.

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